Why Natural Interaction?

We’re an independent UX agency in Bristol with one mission: to make it easy for you to grow your business through remarkable customer experiences driven by research, testing and Lean UX.

Our approach to UX differs from some of our competitors. We’re not traditional and we have strong opinions.

We’re flexible but only do stuff that adds value and not for the sake of it. Think of us as an extension of your team, working alongside you on everything from initial pitch to user research and project delivery. As a small team, it’ll be the same faces the whole way through, so no excuses for forgetting our names.

Remote research

Whilst a lot of User Experience research is conducted through face to face groups and lab testing, we prefer rapid remote sessions. It’s fast and delivers high quality results from participants who use your product in their own environment as they would in real life.

Learn more about our UX research

Lean UX

We work in an agile way, rotating through an ongoing cycle of learning, testing, designing and refining. This is usually done in short bursts or sprints and it allows us to work collaboratively with our clients until we have well tested, well thought out designs.

This approach to work (as opposed to a more traditional brief → work → deliver → amend timeline) delivers the right results, first time because everyone has been involved throughout.  

Our Lean UX Design Services

Our UX Manifesto

1. Time is precious and we will not waste it.

We won't waste our client's time, we won't waste your customer's time and we won't waste our time. We always seek the most efficient path.

2. Innovation, but not for the sake of it.

We won't accept mediocrity and neither should you. "Everyone else does it that way" is an opportunity for someone to do it better.

3. We make complex tasks appear simple.

That doesn't mean what we do is easy. Every design decision is informed by research or data.

4. Transparency
matters to us.

Our knowledge is your knowledge, we'll share all the evidence you need to make decisions.

5.  We test our assumptions and yours.

We don't know everything. We want users to prove us wrong. We recognise that ego is a barrier to truly great design.

6. We don't want to be your supplier.

We want to be your partner and an extension of your team. If something isn't working, tell us and we'll make it right.

7. We don't
build stuff.

We design, prototype and user test then we do a fantastic job handing over to people who do.

8. Our work is
never done.

In a world where change is the only constant, to succeed you must evolve too. Our involvement doesn’t end at launch.

Bristol not London

A photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol
The coolest city in Europe, the 8th fastest growing city in the UK, best for equality, best for starting a business and now crowned the UK’s smartest city; we love Bristol and are proud to call it our home.

Our office is slap bang in the middle of the city centre and in close proximity to Temple Meads train station meaning we can easily reach Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter and London within a few hours.

There is also a great UX scene community here, bouncing ideas off one another and embracing user experience from every angle. Meetups take place regularly, including our own, UCD Bristol, which we co-organise with other local research-led businesses and there is an annual UX Conference held each July too.

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