Customer Research
& User Testing

Your users probably experience problems with your website or digital product that you might not even be aware of. Or, if you are aware, do you know why?

We offer a comprehensive user testing service which will help you answer these questions, fast.

Understand what does and doesn't work,  learn why people struggle to use your website or software

Find out what your customers really think and understand their entire journey

Validate your ideas for new features, products or services then build the right thing

Identify opportunities to improve conversion, satisfaction and retention

User testing for websites and software

Our team will work with you to plan a user test which replicates a typical user journey. We'll observe participants completing tasks and ask questions to understand the issues.

Whilst a lot of User Experience research is conducted through face to face groups and lab testing, we prefer rapid remote testing. It’s fast and delivers high quality results from participants who use your product in their own environment as they would in real life.

Our bespoke methods also measure user satisfaction and design perceptions. You'll receive a report written in plain English, showing our key findings, relevant insights and recommendations for the next step in your project.
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Customer research

Customer journeys rarely begin and end on your website or digital product.

What problems do they have and how could your ideas solve them? 

The answers to these big questions are behind every successful business. You might be able to guess at some of the answers, and you might sometimes get lucky and guess right, but equally many companies guess wrong and waste money developing products and services that customers don’t want. The way to get reliable answers to these questions is through well-planned customer research. 

Customer research can help you understand your users in a wider context, identifying the problems your ideas should solve. 

Finding the answers to these questions and having the evidence to back them up helps you create the right solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

Looking to increase conversion on your website?

Kathryn Davies, our Head of User Research has written an Ebook outlining 21 ways you can increase Ecommerce Conversion.  

Download our free Ebook
Download our free Ebook - 21 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversion

Case Study

Foresight Factory

We provided comprehensive Lean UX and discovery services on a redesign of Foresight Factory's global trends platform FF Online.

Customer Satisfaction


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Case Study

The Consortium

We redesigned The Consortium's market leading Ecommerce platform. The 5 Lean UX sprints incorporated several rounds of remote user research. This gave our client the evidence they needed to make decisions at every stage.

Sales conversions


Read our case study

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