Actionable user research

Our comprehensive user research and testing services provide the insight you need to improve usability, satisfaction and performance. With over 25 years combined experience in this stuff, we really know what we’re doing.

Customer research can help you understand your users in a wider context, identifying the problems your ideas should solve. Finding the answers to these questions and having the evidence to back them up helps you create the right solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

We can help with:


B2B ecommerce

When it comes to user testing and design for B2B audiences we know what exactly we’re doing, having worked with big and small brands across the automotive, energy and education sectors to name a few.

Software & digital products

Whether you have a brand new product idea or an old piece of software which needs refreshing, we’ve got the experience to do it right.

Retail & leisure

It doesn’t matter how great the product or experience is that you’re selling, if your customers struggle to use your website, they will shop elsewhere.

Booking & tickets

People engage in booking journeys almost every day of the week; from small things like buying a cinema ticket on their phone to larger, considered purchases like flights or perhaps holiday accommodation.

Fred McGroarty
Product Director
‍Immersive Labs

Natural Interaction came to Immersive Labs highly recommended by our Head Of Design. Thankfully they’ve lived up to the hype.

Their initial research was extremely valuable in helping us understand how different audiences approach using our SAAS product. Since then, we’ve collaborated together on several agile projects to improve and optimise features. They feel like an extension of our team and we hope to continue our collaboration in future.


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