UX project support

Increasingly, large organisations are bringing UX in house - this is music to our ears because it means user centred design is becoming more important and more common.

That said, even in house UXers sometimes need support. That’s where we come in. Whether we’ve worked together on a project before or you’re looking for additional help on something you’re managing yourself, we’re here to help.

How can we help?

Agile user stories

User stories are short descriptions of a feature from the point of view of the user, usually a customer. They’re often written like a logic equation;  As a < type of user >, I want <activity></activity> and are especially useful for agile development teams as they help direct and show how the software should function.


We have developed a  78 point accessibility checklist comprising of the practical elements of WCAG (web content accessibility guidelines) combined with manual checks to ensure that a design is fully accessible.