Strategic Discovery

We’ll immerse ourselves into your business and listen to key stakeholders ideas and plans. Once we ‘get it’ from the inside out, we can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From there we can help you plan the best path forward.

Experience mapping

Analytics reviews

Existing research review

Call listening

Experience audit

An exercise to map a users specific experience or journey (eg buying a product on a site). The finished thing gives a clear overview from all touchpoints and angles.

A deep dive into your existing data from surveys, analytics and more. These findings often tie in and advise our own work.

We’ll gather and analyse your existing research, to make sense of what you’ve already done and work out how it fits into the wider strategic picture.

Frontline staff and the conversations they have with your customers are a goldmine for anecdotes, concerns and ideas. Call listening often surfaces very different (and valid) perspective from the rest of the business.

We’ll walk through the end to end cross-channel journey for your product or service and map out what occurs at every touchpoint. We can then tailor research to understand how users feel and behave at every stage of that journey.

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Adam BP
Managing Director

Putting customer needs at the heart of your business strategy is a proven route to commercial success.

It's much easier to design high-performing websites, software and services when the organisation underneath is genuinely user focussed rather than pretending to care.