Test your assumptions

Assumptions are things that are accepted as true or certain to happen, without proof.  Basing business decisions on them can be risky and at worst, damaging.  

How can we help?

By planning and testing with a minimum viable product. This is a testing technique which is often used for new products and businesses to ensure that what they’re offering has a value worth investing in, through testing on the smallest possible (minimum viable) scale.  

We’ll help validate the assumptions behind your strategy as early as possible, allowing you to revisit them if necessary rather than executing on a weak foundation.

Before any new business idea or venture starts, you should address these hypotheses:

  • Problem - is the problem worth solving?

  • Audience - does a large enough group of people care about it?

  • Price - are people willing to pay money to solve this problem?

  • Solution - are people comfortable with their problem being solved by your product or service?

  • Delivery - are people are comfortable with the method of delivering your service?

  • Brand - is your branding right for the product or service in the eyes of your audience?

Once you can answer yes to each of the above points, you’re in the right position to move forward. To confidently answer yes, a mix of conversation, criticism and critically, user testing (through an MVP) are essential.

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