Understanding your customers

Customer journeys rarely begin and end on your website or digital product. What problems do they have and how could your ideas solve them? The answers to these big questions are behind every successful business.

You might be able to guess at some of them and get lucky, but equally many companies guess wrong and waste money developing products and services that customers don’t want. The way to get reliable answers to these questions is through well-planned customer research.




Call listening

Competitor research

Clear quantitative evidence of what does and doesn’t work for your customers. Survey data gives us a basis from which to move forward, knowing what changes are required and where to focus first.

Watching your key customers in their own environment gives a unique insight into the role it plays in their lives. It very quickly highlights key issues and opportunities to improve the user experience, from a customer and organisational perspective.

These can be done with your key stakeholders and/or customers to identify what they expect, like and dislike during a design process meaning we can be confident that the concepts delivered are focused towards the design which best suits its purpose.

Frontline staff and the conversations they have with your customers are a goldmine for anecdotes, concerns and ideas. Call listening often surfaces very different (and valid) perspective from the rest of the business.

Competitor analysis through research and user testing can highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your own business. Armed with this insight, you can make informed strategic decisions on how to move forward, whether that’s through a website redesign, content strategy or new product launch.

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