Optimise your design

Your site or software design might have already been completed but not yet rolled out, perhaps an old design needs a refresh or you’ve got something new.  Before hitting publish, our large scale self-moderated design testing services can help to validate your ideas, making sure that they’re fit for purpose.

If they’re not, we can advise on what changes are needed to make them as user centred as possible, or we can work on the design ourselves, building in optimisation as we go.

What we do:

Design experiments

Tree testing

Click testing

Quick, reliable quantitative data to back up or challenge design assumptions. We often recommend and use design experiments at the later stages of a project to ensure we’re on the right track.

Tree testing gives a quick, reliable and quantitative insight into whether there are structural problems with a site. A robust sample size means that the results can indicate what could cause your users in the future and from there you can proactively fix them before they become an issue.

Click testing is way of providing quantitative certainty around specific key interactions. It shows what doesn’t work and also, offers real validation on what does work.

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