UCD Bristol 5 - Ajara Pfannenschmidt on creating space through silence

We have probably all experienced moments when silence becomes so loud that our ears start ringing. Under these circumstances our flight instinct kicks in and we feel the urge to fill the silence - usually with nervous chatter. Most of the time this happens in situations when we meet people for the first time and are stuck in close proximity – in situations where we are paired with the unknown. Meeting our user research participants is exactly that. They come along and we approach them carrying all our expectations, ideas, stress and pressure in our mind. We look at key moments when our insecurities take over and we try to control through talking. By bringing more awareness into our behaviour, we can increase the quality of the experience for the participants and the results of our research. We explore ways of being present and creating space which allows our user research participants to relax and communicate in their own voice.


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