Adam to speak at UX Bournemouth in November 2017

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Adam Babajee-Pycroft has been invited to speak at this years UX Bournemouth. He will be discussing the world of remote user research and the advantages it holds. He will be joining Alan Colville and Ulrich Boulon on Tuesday 7th November at the Canvas Loft Bar.

What is UX Bournemouth?

UX Bournemouth is hosted by Experience UX. Established in 2007 by Ali Carmichael and Damian Rees, on the belief that companies should be doing more to understand what their users need before designing digital products and services

Who will be speaking?

There will be 3 speakers at this quarter's event.

Adam is Managing Director (UX) at Natural Interaction in Bristol. Fuelled by coffee and heavy metal he’s spent the last 12 years delivering successful User Experience projects. He’s delivered results for a range of clients from automotive giants like BMW to SAAS Startups such as Immersive Labs.

Alan is an award winning User Experience Consultant living in Bristol. He’s spent almost two decades in a variety of roles. He’s been the customer experience guy at large companies like BT and Virgin Media, a UX designer for digital agencies, founder of a web start-up and part of an international cooperative of designers and developers. Recently, he’s been Head of User Experience at True Digital and today he works as a freelance Customer Experience Consultant.

Ulrich has spent the last 5 years of his career developing the user experience and product design with prestigious companies including Google, UBS, Viacom, Virgin, Sainsbury’s, YouTube, the BBC and Burberry. He also shares his knowledge with future UXers as a part-time UX design instructor.

Are you based in Bristol?

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Sounds great! What will they be speaking about?

Adam - Remote Moderated Research

In the past, Adam has always been a big advocate for remote research. Last year, he decided to change his agency’s whole approach from self moderated (where participants would follow a list of tasks we wrote in advance) to actively moderated remote research.In this talk, we’ll explore what they learned along the way, such as:● How to convince people to let you try it in the first place● How to write tasks for remotely moderated testing● Finding the right participants● Common mistakes and issues

Alan - Three Steps of great UX in Customer Experience.

Alan will be introducing you to a three step approach to unleashing the business changing power of UX by:

Assessing the state of UX in your organisation, learning how to improve the research that you do and seeing new ‘agile’ ways of working and thinking, to join it up. With the business world seeing new value in user experience design, you’ll leave ready to take UX beyond digital, across channels and into the boardroom.

Ulrich - Chatbot, Digital's new Evolution

Ulrich will be speaking about how for the first time ever people are using messenger apps more than social networks. Unlocking new possibilities for businesses that can interpret Artificial Intelligence through the context of chatbots, and unlearn everything they have learned over the past 20 years to create an amazing experience in this new browser.

How can I get in?

Tickets are available on Eventbrite for £9.50.

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