12 questions for Alex, our Head of Sales & Marketing

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Every month we pose 12 seemingly random questions to a member of our team to find out a bit more about them. This month it's Alex's turn. She joined us in April 2018 as our Head of Content and now Sales & Marketing. She sat down with UX Consultant Adi to answer the following:

Adi Murphy: To start with an easy question, what does a typical morning look like for you?

Alex Ryder: I always struggle to get out of bed but Dave brings me a cup of tea which helps. Most days I cycle into work (unless it’s raining) and shower here. Then, I’m at my desk eating breakfast by 9am.

AM: What made you decide marketing was the career for you?

AR: I fell into marketing by accident. I finished university and got a temp job in the marketing department at airline bmi but quickly realised I liked it. Six years later I was working as Brand Manager there and I’ve never looked back.

AM:  What’s your favourite thing about your role?

AR: The variety - I love that within marketing there are so many disciplines and opportunities to use your brain. From analysing stats to writing articles, planning events and coming up with new campaigns.

AM:  How would you describe your role to your niece?

AR: I shout loudly about Natural Interaction so that more people know who we are, what we do and want to work with us.

AD: Strangest work-related experience? Either past or present role is fine.

AR: We’d launched a new route at bmi from Berlin to Heathrow and the airport manager there was a bit disorganised to say the least. We needed to get to the gate to cut the ribbon and greet people as they boarded the plane. He asked me to carry a bag of scissors through security - which I did. I didn’t get stopped, they just waved me through and off we went. Very odd.

AM:  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

AR: I wanted to be a vet! I love animals but as I grew older I quickly realised that I’m rubbish at maths and science and quite squeamish. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t go down that route, I’d spend my whole time confused, nauseous and crying over sick animals!

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AM: As you’re our resident food expert, what’s the absolute best dish you’ve eaten?

AR: Noooo… why would you ask me that? Such a hard question. I can’t think of one favourite. Sat Bains in Nottingham is a special place and I’ll always remember my 30th birthday meal there. And when we were in Seoul earlier this year we had fantastic BBQ pork (galbi) at a little street cafe sat under umbrellas in the rain.

AM: And the worst?

AR: That’s easy. I tried to make a dish from a cookbook once which included minced beef, tinned beans and oats. It was some kind of meat crumble thing. It was inedible and whoever came up with it should be shot in their sleep.

AM: Now pick one meal to eat for the rest of your life

AR: Gahhhh another hard one.  I love love sausage mash and gravy because it’s pure comfort BUT my favourite thing is probably ramen and it’s hard to find it done well in the UK. So, if it’s good, I’d go with ramen.  

AM: What’s the most recent app you downloaded on your phone?

AR: The Fabulous - just this week. In their words it’s a ‘simple yet beautiful scientific-based coach that helps you to reach your health and productivity goals’. The UI design is very pretty and the UX is spot on. I’m really enjoying using it.

AM: Favourite blog?

AR: Umm.. can I say Gingey Bites? I write a food and travel blog in case anyone wants to take a look!! Nahh. I really love Lavender and Lovage for her sheer volume of amazing recipes, I’m Being Erica for just down right food and travel loveliness and Wonderful You for lifestyle and inspiration.

AM: And finally, if I gave you £10,000 right now what would you spend it on?

AR: EEEK .. an amazing holiday. I’d do a luxury sweep of South East Asia, staying in gorgeous hotels along the way and eating as much street food as I could get my hands on!

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