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Whether you have a brand new product idea or an old piece of software which needs refreshing, we’ve got the experience and skills to do it right.

So… this is kind of our thing. We’ve worked with lots of businesses to improve the usability of their products and software over the last few years.

From simplifying complex structures to adding or removing features, redesigning outdated user interfaces and platform migration, our user centred approach to design means that we can make evidence based, brave decisions which ultimately enable growth.

What we can do

  • Increase user retention
  • Improve user experience through application of new technology
  • Adapt desktop software for the cloud
  • Validate ideas for new features or products
  • Define strategies to measure user behaviour and increase engagement

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Foresight Factory

A comprehensive Lean UX discovery and design project to refresh and improve the usability of a global SAAS platform.

Charlie Brock-Lowthian
Senior Project Manager
National Trust

Adam and his team from NI lead and managed a series of Lean UX sprints for us. In these, they delivered a fully user tested, feature rich prototype ready for development.

We made the choice of agency after an extensive RFI/RFP process where Natural Interaction and their associated agencies shone with their general helpfulness and understanding of the subject matter. We're very pleased with the progress.


Our guiding principles

Involve users at every stage


Evidence beats assumptions

People over technology

Fail fast,
succeed faster

Be a partner
not a supplier

Adam Babajee-Pycroft


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