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Your new release should focus on delighting your customers, not ticking boxes.
We combine user-centred design thinking, agile and lean startup methodologies with pure pragmatism. We use rapid, remote-moderated research to give you the evidence to make decisions. We prototype designs so you can test them early, before investing in development.

The key to achieving product / market fit is to design products which solve customer and business problems. 

We draw upon the Lean Startup methodologies favoured by Silicon Valley's most successful startups to help you work out which features will deliver the most value. Our experiments test whether there is demand for that features you build them. This means that you can test before you invest.

Our knowledge of User Experience will help you design a product that people genuinely love to use. 

Whether you're an established business looking to update your flagship product, an internal innovation team or a brand new business, we'd like to become your UX partner.

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"Before, we had built our platform on instinct, assuming how it will be
navigated by users. Natural Interaction’s findings made us reconsider
the entire user experience from the ground up, improving every aspect
and touch point that the user has with the site on mobile and desktop."

Charlie Widows

Co-Founder of Solverboard

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