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Make decisions based on evidence, not assumptions.
We combine user-centred design thinking, agile and lean startup methodologies with pure pragmatism. We use rapid, remote-moderated research to give you the evidence to make decisions. We prototype designs so you can test them early, before investing in development.

What do your customers want? 

What problems do they have and how could your ideas solve them? 

The answers to these big questions are behind every successful business. You might be able to guess at some of the answers, and you might sometimes get lucky and guess right, but equally many companies guess wrong and waste money developing products and services that customers don’t want. The way to get reliable answers to these questions is through well-planned customer research. 

Customer research can help you understand your users in a wider context, identifying the problems your ideas should solve. 

Analytics, user interviews, ethnography and co-design workshops can answer questions like; what are users doing on your website? How are they interacting in your shops? How do they view your company? How does your product fit into their lives? What problem do they want you to solve? 

Finding the answers to these questions and having the evidence to back them up helps you create the right solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

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