User centred website redesign


A comprehensive monthly profit & loss market intelligence platform for the hotel industry.

Intelligence platform Hotstats offers insights and benchmarking for hoteliers across the world. They asked us to conduct a full user research and design review of their current website with the aim of creating a new marketing content driven site. This project included quantitative and qualitative testing, IA recommendation and the redesign of a number of assets and animations used across their website. 

Key outcomes

  • A visually beautiful and user validated content-led website which is fully optimised.

  • An intuitive Information Architecture which ensures users can accomplish their goals.


This was an interesting UX project which covered both research and design. As with all new client relationships, we started off with a discovery meeting to get to know the team and their needs. Once up to speed, we were able to get started with the task in hand; making it easier for Hotstats customers to use the website to its full potential. 


The Hotstats website holds a lot of information, driven by large swathes of data collected from hotel brands across the world.  Collaboratively, we worked out what the right sections were for their new content. These were then streamlined into three new offerings: a benchmarking tool, reporting and insights. There was some confusion around what customers use each section for and how best to navigate the site. This is mainly due to the fact that people within this industry are conditioned to focus on one metric (REVPAR). HotStats are revolutionising the way the industry uses data and so, it was important that their new site explained why they recommend using additional metrics for accurate analysis. 

With this in mind, we proposed that initially, we needed to define a logical, intuitive information architecture for the site. From there, working in sprints, we were asked to wireframe and prototype the new website structure through user testing, providing simple guidelines and new design assets to complete the project.

An early homepage wireframe for Hotstats.
An early Insight wireframe for Hotstats.
An early Subscription package wireframe for Hotstats.
"It was fascinating carrying out research sessions with participants in the US as well as closer to home. The design challenge was balancing complex information on hotel performance data with something which was digestible and engaging for people unfamiliar with the subject both here and across the Atlantic."

David Crossland, Natural Interaction


We proposed to define an intuitive Information Architecture which ensured users of their site could accomplish their goals. It was also important to direct their different user groups to the right information. 

We worked in two week sprints, with each including iterative research, wireframes, design reviews, rapid prototyping and a sprint demo to keep the HotStats team fully in the loop. They were very hands on and gave us constructive criticism and support throughout this process. Given that the HotStats platform is a complex beast, it was incredibly helpful to have them available to give context and additional information about the content on the wireframes and designs we were producing.

A screenshot of the Hotstats Profit Benchmarking Page

As we progressed, HotStats asked us to take a look at their web copy, to see whether it could be improved with user feedback in mind. We ended up rewriting introductory and micro copy across the whole site, introducing a more confident and knowledgeable tone of voice with it. 

The last high fidelity prototype we provided included the new copy and tone of voice guidance for HotStats own content writers going forward. 

We’re confident that our Lean UX approach has resulted in something which is much more user friendly for existing HotStats customers, that it challenges their competitors and appeals to future users too. 

A screenshot of the Hotstats Pricing Page

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