B2B Ecommerce Design

When it comes to user testing and design for B2B audiences we know exactly what we’re doing, having worked with big and small brands across the automotive, energy and education sectors to name a few.

There seems to be this idea that if you’re designing for business customers, you don’t really need to worry about usability, customer journeys or user satisfaction at all. That’s completely ridiculous.

Business users want to do the same things that consumer users do (after all, they’re consumers too) and so, we apply the same principles to the work we do for B2B commerce as we do for our B2C clients. We work in human-to-human UX.

What we can do

  • Help you understand the end to end customer journey
  • Apply consumer behaviour insights to a business audience
  • Understand and simplify complex user journeys
  • Define strategies around customer self service
  • Increase sales and average order value through user centred design
  • Define strategies around competitive edge
  • Optimise conversion rates
Simon Hollingsworth
Simon Hollingsworth
Marketing & Ecommerce Director

The team worked in a hugely collaborative fashion, using Slack as a communication channel to continuously discuss and iterate our design and holding regular face to face catch ups.

The right balance was struck between innovating aspects of our customer journey and retaining consistency where we didn’t need change for the sake of it.


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We help clients with...

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Understanding what your customers want is key to success. We can provide you with the insight and evidence needed to put your business ahead of the competition.

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Validating design ideas with users unlocks creativity by giving the confidence to be brave with design and deliver something which will perform, first time.

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A little bit of everything

Not sure where to start? From discovery to design delivery, we are here to help.

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We’ll help you define and achieve your goals from the outset with our user centred strategic services and focused thinking.

Our guiding principles

Involve users at every stage


Evidence beats assumptions

People over technology

Fail fast,
succeed faster

Be a partner
not a supplier

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