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400 page requirements documents are a waste of time and nobody reads them anyway. Test before you invest.
We combine user-centred design thinking, agile and lean startup methodologies with pure pragmatism. We use rapid, remote-moderated research to give you the evidence to make decisions. We prototype designs so you can test them early, before investing in development.

Discovery is all about developing a shared understanding of a project before the design process begins, or when we’re working out what to do next. 

When you’re designing or making changes to a website or service, there are a whole crowd of different factors in the background that impact success, from experts and internal politics to complex processes and conflicting visions. 

These different elements need to be understood for a project to be successful. In this discovery phase, we run workshops to help you visualise ideas and refine them through structured discussion so that everyone is on the same page. This process uncovers inconsistencies and disagreements before any budget has been burned, mapping out the path forward.

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